OOC: V - The Final Frontier

Gatac 2002-12-11 18:59:09
I'll crawl out and pull Andrew under the desk with me if I can reach him in a reasonable amount of time - that will not only delay his reentry into the fight if he comes around, but also limit his initial mobility, pinpoint his position, and enable me to pistol-whip him should we decide that he needs to stay down a bit longer.

CrazyIvan 2002-12-11 20:24:56
Since he's stunned, and it looks like I have the high init...I'll just rush him.
Gatac 2002-12-11 20:44:28
I'd still prefer to get him, since it will also be favourable if the odds turn against us - she has a credible reason for dragging him away, after all. Besides, whoever removes him from the fight is effectively away him-/herself. Since Jess is pretty damn useless in a firefight, I think she's the more sensible choice.

CrazyIvan 2002-12-11 20:51:29
True enough, good points all around.

Changing course of action one more time, I'll just move to their location and try to cover Jess in the event of goons appearing.
CrazyIvan 2002-12-11 20:56:07
Great job, Harry!

I'm going after James then. If he's got a gun out and I can get to him in a move action, I'll attempt a Disarm. If I can't reach him in one move action, but can reach him in two, I guess I'll tackle him.
CrazyIvan 2002-12-11 20:59:08
True enough, good points all around.

Changing course of action one more time, I'll just move to their location and try to cover Jess in the event of goons appearing.
threadbare 2002-12-12 06:18:48
ivan probably also ought to cover me, seeing as I'm stunned. What can I do while stunned? Also, we probably ought to try and rescue buzzard when we get out of the immediate firefight.
Dieter 2002-12-12 15:20:59
Here's what I have for next round:

Artis & Gavin: Going after James

Harry: Stunned for the next 4 rounds. That means you lose your DEX bonus to AC (if any) and can take no actions. Foes gain a +2 bonus to hit you.
(But you did manage to take out Andrew...;))

Jess: Dealing with Andrew by dragging him under the table and ready to pistol-whip him if necessary.

Brian: Taking up a good cover position for Jess in case other goons show up.
threadbare 2002-12-12 16:48:56
I have like a +3 dex bonus to AC. Whatchoo talkin' bout, willis?

Maybe brian and harry should go to rescue buzzard?
threadbare 2002-12-12 17:54:41
I'll be starting the car remotely and bringing it to the exit we're headed towards.
Dieter 2002-12-12 18:21:37
As far as the audience area is concerned, you can be pretty sure that no one is going to be doing anything dastardly while all the cops and security guards are there.

The HoB is secured for an intents and purposes.

James will be at the front doors in 2 rounds. The Agency car will be there in one.

(Edited by Dieter at 11:39 am on Dec. 12, 2002)
Dieter 2002-12-12 22:35:32
I need to know what everyone is doing/going.

I think you've narrowed your choices to either going with Artis & Gavin or going to check up on Buzzard.

Let me know.

CrazyIvan 2002-12-12 23:39:30
I already told you what I'm doing...any chance we can eyeball the licence plate?
Dieter 2002-12-12 23:45:02
Sure...and I'll even tell you that it's registered to:

James Sedgewick
2312 Appleblossom Ct.
Las Vegas, Nevada.
Gatac 2002-12-12 23:52:30
Hm, seeing that law enforcement is on the prowl, I'm pocketing my gun again. Just keep the cover, crawl out slowly and tell the surprised cops that we'll need an ambulance for my dear friend.

And seeing that I could be frisked, it might be a good idea to get rid of the gun discretly at the next opportunity and order a replacement from the agency. I'd assume none of our fingerprints should be on file, so even if they find it, they'll be none the wiser...

Dieter 2002-12-12 23:56:34
Why ditch your gun? You have a permit to carry it and since you've never fired it thus far, so why bother trying to get a new one.

I'm outta here until at least 7pm EST, so everyone who reads this between now and then...post what you'd like to do and we'll go from there.
Gatac 2002-12-13 00:04:28
I know, I know, but it won't do wonders for my cover if Steward finds out that his insecure waitress romanctic interest is lugging around a .45 in her handbag and actually has a concealed carry permit for it.

Hey, it's not like I'm actually close to using up my budget here...

Dieter 2002-12-13 02:44:10
True, on both counts. It would definitely add to your credibility if you weren't packing Sam Colt. ;)
CrazyIvan 2002-12-13 05:39:37
Brian will do exactly nothing if approached.

Look threatening to be sure, have his gone ready, but not gonna start a firefight...this isn't his ground.