Birds of a Feather - Chapter 8: The part where things get me

Dieter 2002-10-29 18:02:36
Artis goes for a couple bursts at MiB1. The first hits dead on its mark, sending a mist of blood into the night air. The second burst goes wide.

MiB1 appears to have really felt those last few bullets, clutching his chest slightly from the shock. He's still up, but definitely wounded.
Dieter 2002-10-29 18:10:09
While Artis sprays the baddies with some assault rifle justice, Gavin goes looking for bigger guns.

Opening the door to the caboose he immediately spots the cache of weapons Gregor had spoke of. As he locks and loads the AK, one of the caboose windows shatters.
Following the sound of the broken glass, Gavin hears the distinct sound of a grenade skittering on the floor.

(There! We're all caught up) ;)
Dieter 2002-10-29 18:30:05
Harry pulls back the slide on his 9mm and makes for the firefight.

I can't let those guys have all the fun

As he moves towards the scene, Harry notices that the other MiBs have closed in on Koskov's position. The firefight has turned into an all-out melee.

Harry sees Koskov pick up MiB6 by the tac-vest, slamming the poor SOB into the side of the train car. Koskov's secretary reveals her true colors, disarming MiB5 with a variety of aikido-like moves then uses a Steven Seagal deathkido (TM) manuever...snapping the base of MiB5's neck like a twig.

Koskov's bodyguard does not fair so well. The two remaining MiBs (3,4) unload what seems like two full clips into his chest, turning the officer into ground beef.
Dieter 2002-10-29 18:34:13
Jess weighs her options.

As she does so, she can faintly hear the sound of a helicopter off in the distance.
Dieter 2002-10-29 20:49:42
As Jess closes the gap between herself and the firefight, the low echo of the helicopter that she previously heard is now close enough to feel the wash of the blades.

Flying overhead at a blazing clip is a small military helicopter, probably NATO, but definitely not one of those Russian diesel cows. It's too dark and visability is too poor to determine make/model. What Jess can tell is that the helicopter is definitely bound for the firefight.

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Gatac 2002-10-29 21:03:55
Already wheezing, Jess tries to increase her speed further.

*No more fat for you this week, Lady Jessica...*
Dieter 2002-10-29 21:24:24
Gavin, seeing the gravity of the situation...frantically searches for the grenade to no avail. Not wanting to turned into confetti, he backpeddles it out of the caboose yelling,


As he does so, the caboose goes up like May Day in Moscow. The entire cabin is consumed in a firey conflagration of incendiary chemicals. As the weapons cache blows, so does the roof and remaining windows. Artis is able to evade the most of the blast, rolling under the sturdy frame of the caboose...which, incidentally, is the only thing remaining in one piece.

Gavin successfully jumps clear of the blast, landing about 20 feet away.

Harry sees the explosion and fears for his friends' lives, but not before he sees the MiBs 3 & 4 reload and take shots at Koskov and his secretary. The shots at Koskov hit their marks, but do little more than further infuriate the already enraged Cossack. His secretary manages to take cover as the bullets richochet off the helicopter flatbed.

Speaking of helicopters, the one Jess saw is now hovering overhead (about 100 ft.) and in plain sight of just about everyone. It's a Blackhawk, outfitted with HMG gunports on either side of the cargo hold and a blinding searchlight projecting down and illuminating the entire firefight area.

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Gatac 2002-10-29 21:32:05
*There goes that option...*

Jess stops just shy of the explosionn, then goes for her .45 and tries to aim center-mass of the nearest target, hoping that her arrival went unnoticed by the MiBs.
Dieter 2002-10-29 21:45:20
With all the gunfire and incediaries, Jess' approach is completely undetected by the MiBs 3 and 4. Jess is only able to one shot...and in all the excitement, she forgets to pull the hammer back.

Dieter 2002-10-29 22:27:40
Gavin dusts himself and again appraises the situation. He's in one piece and managed to grab a few things out of the caboose before it went sky-high. He loads the AK and pulls the slide back.

Payback time.

Like the methodical killer he was trained to be, he moves in with little care of cover or other silly things that would interfere with his impending hail of bullets. He sights up his Kalishnikov at MiB2 and with a modest amount of professional glee, he lets loose...Artis seeing the whole spectacle from the front row.

The barking sound and muzzle fire of Gavin's full auto attack at MiB2 is quite breathtaking, being almost a religious experience. The rounds tear into the soldier with such force and precision it sounds as if the body slid into a wood chipper.

(OOC: I won't go into any further detail, but a minigun critical from Fallout 2 would be the proper visual.)

As the smoke clears, only a puddle of blood pooling around what's left of the soldier's boots remains.

On that note, MiB1 pops out from inside Koskov's chopper with a some sort of smoldering cylindrical container in his hand. He goes to a kneeling position with his weapon at the ready, giving hand signals to the gunship above. In perfect concert to his motions, ropes drop down from either side of the gunship as the HMG's open up with suppressive fire on Artis and Gavin's position.

Meanwhile, Harry and Jess see MiBs 3 and 4 still dealing with Koskov and his secretary. But upon MiB1's signals, they pull back away from them and towards the apparent extraction area. At this point Koskov and his secretary pull out their sidearms and take after them.

(Jess, Artis, and Harry still have to go)
Dieter 2002-10-30 15:57:42
Gavin goes into a kneeling position, bracing and aiming at MiB1. The bullets hit home in a nice tight pattern across MiB1 chest, disrupting MiB1's cool composure. A solid hit.

MiB1, perhaps seeing the gravity of situation, grabs one of the static lines and clips in then fires a burst back at Gavin. The shots hit Gavin but only graze him. MiBs 3 clips himself in, with MiB4 securing the extraction zone. MiB4 fires at Gavin, a solid grouping to center mass again doing negligible damage to him.

I'm suffering from a death of a thousand papercuts...

At this time, everyone sees Koskov and his secretary emerge into the extraction zone...firing at pretty much anything wearing black commando clothes.

From Koskov's secretary, MiB4 gets a 6-pack of 9mm fun....Russian style. MiB4 probably isn't dead, but is incapacitated for all intents and purposes.

Koskov takes his opportunity to settle the score, running full force at MiB3 and spearing him with a WWE(TM) manuever. The force of someone as large as Koskov is enough to knock MiB3 down...but it also causes the gunship to violent lurch to one side. Seeing this, MiB1 gives a signal and MiB3's line is cut from above while Koskov begins to strangle MiB3 to death.

In concert with the cutting of the line, MiB1 is now being winched up the line towards the gunship. The side gunners continue to spray suppressive fire, splitting their targets between Team Artis and Team Koskov's positions.

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Dieter 2002-10-30 18:23:01
Jess pulls back the hammer on Sam Colt, creaks her head back like Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon and busts some caps.

The dangling MiB proves to a tougher target than expected. Jess' first shot goes wide and her second is just a grazer.

She realizes this precision shooting stuff should be left to those with lower social graces than her own.
Dieter 2002-10-31 04:32:42
The suppressive fire coming from the gunship is solid and steady. Harry aims at MiB1 and fires and narrow burst. MiB1's leg erupts into a small fountain of blood and gore. A grievous but non-lethal wound.

Artis joins in, firing as well. The shots deflecting off ceramic armor plates, spinning the dangling commando aroud like a yo-yo.

Gavin goes for a similar shot, firing his AK at MiB1. The target is starting to look like a life-sized pinata.

The commandos respond in a similar and deliberate manner, with the side gunners going from suppressive to offensive full-auto fire. Artis and Gavin stay close to what's left of the caboose, the shots pock marking the ground around them. Jess and Harry don't fare so well. A rain of 7.62mm bullets fall squarely on their position. Jess is stitched across most of her upper body. The wounds, while many, are not life-threatening. Harry is wounded in a similar manner, with both pretty much hating life right now and wondering why they didn't go into the full diplomatic corps.

As the Blackhawk gains altitude, MiB1 drops something out of the chopper. It's about the size of satchel charge.
Gatac 2002-10-31 09:27:38
*He's not Santa Claus, folks...*

Jess spends a second staring at the package like a deer attracted to the headlights of the pickup coming to smash over it, then decides that darting away from the battlefield is probably a wise idea.
Dieter 2002-10-31 16:13:53
Artis and Gavin take pot-shots at MiB1 as the Blackhawk shuts off its spotlight, fading into the night.

The satchel charge lands, sounding off with only a dull *thud*.

No remote smell of cordite or napalm.

Gavin eyes some sort of small manila envelope attached to the sack.
Gatac 2002-10-31 16:47:05
Jess throws herself onto the ground in anticipation of an explosion, but as it becomes clear that there's none to take cover from, she rises again and wipes some dust from her clothing before walking towards Koskov.
Dieter 2002-10-31 17:03:46
Jess makes her way over to Koskov and his secretary, who immediate draws her gun at Jessica. Koskov intercedes.

"I believe there has been enough death for one day, my dear. Besides, she appears to in no condition for another fight. Make sure this one (pointing to the KO'd MiB3) is tied up properly, then go get the aid kit from the car."

Koskov, who appears to be no worse for wear than before the derailment, pulls out a flask and takes a giant swig before offering it to Jess.

"Ahhh...that hits the spot. This has been some night, no? Sasha will be see to you and your friends' wounds. Her skills do not end at just the bedroom and martial arts. She is a trained trauma surgeon. Now, I suppose a thank you is order, but right now my first question is not who are you and to whom do you work for. You wouldn't happen to know someone who can pilot a Russian helicopter...would you? We are about 200km from the nearest shred of civilization and I'd hate to have to wait for the local militia to arrive. I'm not well liked this far from Moscow."
Dieter 2002-10-31 17:32:34
Artis searches the chopper for the mysterious package. It helps to know that the package would have been in a conceiled area.

Artis sees that there is a 12x4-inch hole cut in the deck plating of the chopper. Apparently a small cubby hole had been installed into the chopper's cargo bay floor then a 1/4-inch steel plate was bolted over it. Whatever was contained inside (presumably the cylinder MiB1 had) was removed from within the cubby hole using a plasma cutter. Having worked on enough custom cars also tells Artis that this was a professional cut-job.

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