IC 2 - Amsterdam - Day 2

Gatac 2017-06-18 12:41:54
(Flirting powers, activate!)

"Oh, dat is leuk!" she says. "Ik heb geen kinderen, maar mijn broer doet. Ik hou van ze - ze zijn de leukste." She sighs and nods to the clock. "Ik heb het weekend doorgewerkt. Kun je het geloven? Ik zit hier vast omdat Marco weer ziek is. Ik wed dat hij gisteren met zijn vrienden was gerookt. Maar ik ben single, dus trek ik altijd het korte stro." (Oh, that is nice. I don't have kids, but my brother does. I love them. They're the cutest. I've been working through the weekend. Can you believe it? I'm stuck here because Marco called in sick again. I bet he was out smoking with his friends yesterday. But I'm single, so I always draw the short straw.)
punkey 2017-06-18 12:51:04
Mason winces a bit, but then leans into it for the cover. "Dat is zo oneerlijk. Vertel je wat, waarom bel je Marco nog niet, zie of hij op weg bent?" (That is so unfair. Tell you what, why don't you call Marco again, see if he's on his way in?)
Gatac 2017-06-18 13:04:11
The lady nods to that.

"Ja! Ja, ik zou die luie bastard moeten noemen." She rolls her eyes. "Het maakt mij niet uit hoe 'stoned' hij is, ik heb vaak genoeg voor hem gedekt, hij kan zijn eigen puin opruimen." She flutters her eyes at Mason. "Hey, dus...ik ga snel uit het werk komen. Heb je veel leveringen om vandaag te maken?" (Yeah! Yeah, I should call that lazy bastard. I don't care how 'stoned' he is, I've covered for him often enough, he can clean up his own mess. Hey, so...I might be getting off work soon. Do you have many deliveries to make today?)
punkey 2017-06-18 13:11:18
Mason smirks back. "Nog een paar, zeg eens koffie in een paar uur?" (Just a couple more, say, coffee in a couple hours?)
Gatac 2017-06-18 13:13:29
The woman smiles at that, then scribbles a bit more on the board - her phone number, it seems.

"Bel me als je klaar bent. Ik ben overigens Beatrix." (Call me when you're finished. I'm Beatrix, by the way.)
punkey 2017-06-18 13:21:58
"Jakob Hautman," Mason replies, referencing his one good Dutch ID. "Zie je later Beatrix." See you later, Beatrix.) With one more wink and a smirk, he turns out the door, a bit conscious of how revealing bike clothes can be.
Gatac 2017-06-18 13:56:46
As Mason leaves the lobby and ventures outside to his bike, he can definitely feel Beatrix's eyes on his...finer qualities. Too bad about the whole "tricking her into helping them with their scheme" thing; she seems nice.

What's not so nice is Mason looking up a certain Marco Kopke in his intel on the tower staff and placing a call to his cellphone, which goes to voicemail in the first two attempts and almost does again in the third, until someone does finally pick up the phone.

"Uh, ja?" a male voice answers, with TV blaring in the background. After a moment, he coughs three times and speaks as if he's holding his nose. "Oh het spijt me. Ik ben ziek. Erg ziek." Pause. "Wie ben je?" (Uh, yes? Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sick. Very sick. Who are you?)
punkey 2017-06-18 14:18:51
"De man die je kont zal afvuren als je in 15 minuten niet in Leeuwentoren bent," Mason barks. "Dacht je dat ik je niet zou weten over je kleine ziekte, Marco? Als je niet binnen 15 minuten bij je bent en je 15 minuten aanbiedt, zal ik je afvuren en ervoor zorgen dat iedereen die je ontmoet weet wat je liever doet in plaats van op het werk te zijn." Mason hangs up the call and lets the stoner panic do its magic. (The man who will be firing your ass if you are not at Leeuwentoren in 15 minutes. Did you think I wouldn't find out about your little "sickness", Marco? If you are not at your post and presentable in 15 minutes, I will fire you and make sure everyone you meet knows what you prefer to be doing instead of being at work.)
skullandscythe 2017-06-19 23:19:57
After hopping the fence again, Blake updates Tim and Mason, then heads to Thomaskerk early. He goes slowly, with an eye for tails. He remembers the Chinese(Think they're Chinese, not like you stopped to ask) snoops from just this morning still.
Gatac 2017-06-24 06:08:17
While Mason makes a discreet retreat to change out of his courier outfit and Tim gets his own disguise on, Blake's only a short stroll away from the church. Foot traffic is moderate, mostly people from the nearby train station Zuid enjoying the sunshine and checking out the shops in the Amsterdam World Trade Center. By contrast, Thomaskerk is the kind of drab "modern church" building you'd only recognize as a place of worship by the peculiar arrangement of its roof and a small sign outside. Exactly the kind of place where you wouldn't notice a dark blue van parked in one of the spaces across the street.

The van inside is cramped with electronics and Laith's stowed wheelchair in the back; Lucy is chilling on the passenger seat up front and cranes her head over the center console to look at Blake with a kind of nonchalant "Hey, dude" expression, while Laith is in the driver's seat with a laptop on his, well, lap and a headset hooked over his right ear. Blake can't help but notice the discreet tray for a pistol underneath the dashboard, nor the pistol therein.

"Close the door," Laith says as he hooks the Stingray to the laptop and works some magic. "Well, that's 80%."

Blake doesn't have to ask what Laith is talking about, because Laith helpfully goes on to explain it.

"One thing they did right was not put their security system on the house comms network, they've got an internal service network for that," Laith says, rotating the screen so Blake can get a glimpse of a live network scan. "The emergency services line is patched through their POTS, though, I can see the interface - just plain voice line. So we can intercept hardline calls going out, and the Stingray takes care of cell phones, but we can't intercept internal alerts to the front desk - or control the door locks. Check this out, though."

He pulls up a set of what Blake considers increasingly inaccurately named "blueprints", a wireframe model of the tower's base architecture with a wiring overlay. "Fourth floor," Laith says, pointing at a room where an awful lot of wire trunks seem to converge. "Internal server room. If we could get in there, we could control cameras and door locks - including the emergency exits. Fire alarms and elevator controls don't seem to be networked at all, though, they've got their own dedicated systems. Anyway, fat lot of good it does us if we can't get into the server room, right?"

Right. But Laith isn't done pointing.

"Check this out," he says. "Aircon for the servers. The duct isn't nearly big enough for a human, but we don't need to get a human in there, do we."

We don't?

"The black backpack in rack #3," Laith says. Blake retrieves said item, and opens it to find a small Pelican case inside. "You may have heard of those kids playing with homebrew drones based on the Jumper design. Well, CIA has the biggest kids around. That's a ruggedized milspec minidrone. Wired, which might seem like a step back from the commercial stuff, but it means zero EM profile and the battery pack stays with the operator, making for a lighter and nimbler drone. It's got everything on board to climb up the side of a server cabinet, defeat whatever crappy little lock they have at the front, and plug itself into a network or USB port. I can compromise the system from there, and then, bingo, we can get you and Mason into the building without ever showing up at the reception desk."

Sounds great, but -

"The bad news is, well, fourth floor aircon duct," Laith adds. "It doesn't go inside the building, it heads straight out from the server room. So you're gonna need to climb four stories, wedge yourself close to the vent, cut a hole in the metal big enough to fit the drone through, then guide the drone in - and preferably back out. It's got a fry charge that'll melt it to slag if we have to abandon it, but I'd prefer to get to use it more than once."

Laith grins that 'Of course I sit in the van while you climb the building, can't you see I'm missing a leg' grin.

"So," he asks, "think you can handle that?"