Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-10-18 22:45:42
I thought it was done in a "long, long, time ago", and Ithorian colonies travel in huge biodome-like starships?

It can have happened anytime you like, though, if you think it'd work in with Erit.
Gatac 2003-10-18 23:04:05
My info says the Ithorians have huge starships, but they drift over the surface of their planet - apparently, they consider it sacrilegue to set foot into the sacred jungles.

Hm, I think we should have Ithor devastated. It gives me an idea for a character hook I might want to capitalize on later. :)

CuteMotherFucker 2003-10-19 01:00:52
The way you annihilate hundreds of thousands of acres of wild life and vegetarion freaks me out, man.

The Bantha gun in its various forms looks a bit overkill to me, ads. I was thinking more on the lines of a blaster with a weapon bonus like on old helicopter/spaceship side-scrollers (erm... up-scrollers, actually), you know, sevral low powered blaster shots on an expanding cone of fire... Hell, I'm getting carried away on small details.
CrazyIvan 2003-10-19 01:41:43
A freaking Gradius blaster isn't overkill, but a sawed-off shotgun equivalent is?
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-10-19 05:16:29
Blasters are blasters are blasters, remember? :) You can have a big old heavy custom blaster, but it's still going to fire the standard blaster bolt type of thing, albeit somewhat harder than your run-of-the-mill blaster.

Meh, consider Ithor devastated. Um... Imperial strip mining on a planetary scale, ironically using Ithorian slave labor. There, that'll do ya. :)
threadbare 2003-10-19 23:28:24
Hey, it could be an asshole imperial status symbol to have furniture made from Ithorian junglewood.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-10-20 04:36:54
Are you gettin' in on this, Threadbare? Quelreth? If not, cool, we've got 7 people as it is and we can start. If so, just let me know. :)
threadbare 2003-10-20 08:01:40
It's cool, I've got a full enough plate as it is. I'll be cool just watching and commenting, like I am for the pulp fiction game.
Dieter 2003-10-20 16:31:22
Wayde's standard attire is your basic low-key smuggler outfit (ala Han Solo in RotJ). He packs a heavy blaster pistol (on a Dirty Harry-style gun rig) along with a carbine usually slung over his shoulder.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-10-24 04:52:49
All righty, Quelreth -might- play a smuggler/scoundrel type, we'll see. But I'm just about ready to start, and we can toss him into the mix later when he decides.
CrazyIvan 2003-10-24 05:23:19
Aurelia is usually dressed in a battered pair of olive green cargo pants and a grey or olive t-shirt, covered with a battered black utility vest, most of her copious amounts of pockets containing something or the one at her hip, which carrys a holdout blaster.
Gatac 2003-10-24 14:42:28
For better or worse, Erit looks like a monk - simple, white robes.

CuteMotherFucker 2003-10-24 21:54:56
Basic mercenery outfit for Mak, stuff that are easy to move in, vest and pants with extra pockets and holsters in which he carries his guns with pride (naturally, there are a few secretly tucked away), all in brown, light grey, and a little black.
CrazyIvan 2003-10-24 22:18:44
To continue Arnae's superficial resemblance to Solo, they dress much the same. People can count on his scraggly goatee to tell them apart. He wears a DL-44 on his hip.

He's also an alchoholic, especially when his luck is down.

(Edited by Infested Paladin at 5:00 am on Oct. 29, 2003)
punkey 2003-10-25 11:18:37
Reyes tends towards looser clothing with a larger than normal amount of pockets to carry any tools he might need on the job. Color and design aren't really important, he's very function over form.
CrazyIvan 2003-10-29 11:03:49
For the record, Ithor's devestation is a New Jedi Order event. The Yuuzhan Vong are responsible. At least, that's how it is in the Expanded Universe, which, as we all well know, ADS holds no truck with.