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Admiral Duck Sauce 2005-06-05 20:06:06
Wayde Stryker and Jileeza recognized an opportunity when they saw one. "Underworld organization for sale, inquire within." The contents of the encrypted datapads proved to be Gulgo's records. Through blackmail, bribery, and the fact that most of the scum working for Gulgo didn't care who they were working for, Wayde and 'Za took over the Hutt's operations.

The Rebels sometimes availed themselves of the various services the two partners-in-crime offered, but Wayde made sure no Imperial ever got a break from their organization, unless the break in question was a neck, rib, arm, jaw, or leg. Without the lucrative Imperial fences on Bespin and other places, Jileeza stepped up the "entertainment" side the business to compensate. People who paid the fees for 'Za's courtesans were either interested in the night of their lives... or ending the life of their enemies.


Erit and Lent took their leave of the group shortly after Gulgo's defeat. Erit sensed, deep down, a kindred spirit in the mysterious warrior. Pooling their cut of Gulgo's treasures, the Ithorian and the clone bought a small scout ship and took to the void, intending to track down the last of the Jedi. Over the course of their adventures, they and their new companions fought threats both new and ancient. They explored the dark places of the galaxy, traveled to unexplored planets, but they never found the Jedi - only vague rumors, abandoned dwellings, and mysterious information about the old teachings.

In the end, it didn't matter that Erit and Lent failed to find even a single old Master. Their journey strengthened their will, their hearts, and their connection with the Force. When they returned from the Outer Rim, Erit Radow and the clone named Lent had become that which they had sought.


As for Arnae Maddock and Aurelia Connroy, they had had their fill of being indebted to dangerous underworld figures. With a much more cautious eye towards his dealings, Arnae played it safe for a while but soon got drawn back into the gambling, the smuggling, the cavorting with people of low integrity - much to Aurelia's chagrin.

His string of bad luck ended when he sold the Second Chance to get out of his debts. Arnae decided he would make his own luck from then on. Whatever they had left, they bartered for old parts; a load of hull plating here, a hyperdrive motivator there, astrogation avionics, all over-the table, no debts, no shady "favors" that would come back to haunt him or her.

It took a while, but Aurelia built them a new ship - the Rusty Dagger. Arnae found a few like-minded honorable scalawags to crew it and they set out to make their fortune once again...