Zaef Utari

Zaef "Bloodwraith" Utari
Captain of None

Might: d10 (8XP + 1 raise)
Move: d10
Fight: d10
Spec. Dual Weapons
Shoot: d6
Drive: d10
Spec. Pilot
Think: d6
Talk: d4
Tech: d8
Spec. Repair
Wits: d6
Will: d8

Been There, Done That d10- Zaef has spent nearly his whole life traveling amongst the Thousand Worlds of the Jade Imperium, learning various customs, languages, contacts, and even random gossip. Give him a system, and chances are he knows people, exports, and even good food there.

Bloodwraith d8- Though he tries to forget his days as a butcher in the Arena, Zaef easily slips back into his old fighting form when under fire, with stylish acrobatics, impressive throws, and gory kills.

Shipmaster d4

8/8 Wounds
16/16 Shock

9/9 Wild Dice

8/8 XP spent