Wildcard Rogues

"Muhammed" Brahmvir Singh - IN CUSTODY

Brahmvir Singh's past is a shadowy one, being that he hails from the border regions of Punjab and has expended a considerable amount of effort into having files and records on him destroyed. He's always taken great care to create ambiguity around himself, and much of his boasts and speeches seem to be about throwing up chaff more than actually saying anything; even his adherence to the ideology of the local Al Queda affiliate he leads is questionable, as are the rare glimpses into his not-very-devout lifestyle. How does a man like Singh rise to such a position? This has proven to be a tough nut to crack for the CIA and allied intelligence services, but maybe that will change now that they can ask him these questions himself.

Edil Varayev - AT LARGE

Google for Chechen gunrunner and Varayev is gonna pop up on the first page. Varayev is single-minded in his pursuit of wealth and power, and does not let little things like morality or patriotism stand in the way of a good deal. Having made his fortune off the continued conflicts in the Balkans, Varayev shows little sign of slowing down or settling for what he already has.

Amrita Bhaduri - DEAD

Amrita was a star graduate of the school of hard knocks. Growing up the daughter of Benghali revolutionaries, she learned early on about the dark side of life and set forth to carve out her place in the world whatever it took. Over time, Amrita became one of those people who were too useful not to keep around, and she made her living by taking paychecks first and figuring out who to betray later. Her mercenary ways made her a natural, if uncomfortable choice for Mason's unauthorized little mission to apprehend Singh (and the two of them sharing a bed for some time didn't make things simpler), but as it turned out, Amrita had also used the opportunity to get herself paid for getting rid of Singh while she had him at her mercy. This, as it turned out, was a poor business decision, and she died with a couple of Mason's bullets in her chest, having finally pushed her luck one too many times.

The Cleaner - AT LARGE

Not much is know about this woman, other than that she came after Tim Barstow soon after his cover as Varayev's backup driver was blown - and then showed up in Amsterdam again, now claiming that she works for a group called "Fractal" and what she's really after is the same thing as the Wildcard agents are, namely Varajev's backers. It seems like Tim earned a reprieve with her, but she's still not on anyone's Christmas card list.

The current working theory is that she's Valentina de Silva, an ex-FARC assassin and general bad dudette.


Friend, foe, phantom? May be the current form of one of the equally shadowy groups Fuller White, Silent Leges, The Network or Chamber 17, or all of them, and maybe none of them. Their chief business seems to be confusing intel analysts, so not much is known about them, but insofar as they can be said to have an agenda, it's connected to investigating the Renewal of Islam and their terror attacks in Delhi.

Geraint Reese - DEAD

For-hire scumbag extraordinaire, Reese was a merc known to be active in South Asia for quite some time now, as an Interpol warrant disagreed with his chances of returning home to Neath, Wales. Reese was noted fluent in 13 languages and had a rep for being one of relatively few explosive device autodidacts with ten fingers. Too bad he stuck around to gloat on his last job, or else he might have avoided running into Leonard Blake, who handled him like the speed bump he was.