Wildcard Allies

Hoi Yan Ng
CIA analyst for the South Asia desk. A young professional in all meanings of that word, Hoi Yan colors within the lines, does everything right and is 100% reliable. A bit uncomfortable when thrust into the spotlight and very much a proponent of the by-the-book approach, she nonetheless knows her shit and impresses with how she always seems to be doing what needs to get done.

Waylon Marsh
Often derisively called “the last cowboy” and not particularly well-liked for it, CIA Deputy Director Marsh is a relic, but a useful one. In his tenure in the Clandestine Services, problems were usually solved in the back corners of dive bars, and he prefers “having an understanding” and shaking hands to the cold, military mindset that seems to be infecting the CIA these days. He’s definitely one to keep away from young agents as he’s seen the seedy underbelly, moral compromises and most of all the uncertainties of Cold War espionage up close, but he’s the closest thing to a man with principles you’re liable to meet in this line of work.

Your "Wildcard" handler. Beyond that, who the hell knows?

Laith Sy
Laith Sy, Lieutenant US Navy (ret.) , was a promising Cryptographic Officer with ambitions on an NSA job when a motorcycle accident led to a compound femur fracture, costing him most of his right leg. Medically retired from the military, Sy was snapped up by the CIA for their Technical Services, where he has since branched out from numbers to bullets.

Laith's therapy dog, adopted from a little old lady who could no longer take care of her. She has a goofy and excitable personality, but above all she is loyal to Laith in a way only dogs seem able to be.

"The Dane"/"Uncle Egon"
"Eccentric" Danish expat and retired safecracker. Though advanced in age and no longer spry enough to actively participate in larceny, the Dane takes pride in his skills and provides all manner of services for gentleman thieves, whether it's equipment rental, training classes or even consulting - for "entertainment purposes only", of course.

Another Expat, though with far murkier origins, "Randall" is a known quantity in certain circles when it comes to investigations of arson and other unsavory incidents, running an independent lab and workshop to investigate politically sensitive matters for the Dutch government and other well-chosen clients.