A world on the brink of disaster

Imagine a world where it has become painfully clear that there are no rules except the ones we make for ourselves. Imagine a world where a single act of violence can shatter nations. Imagine a world ruled from the shadows, kicking and screaming as its dirty secrets are dragged into the light of public scrutiny.

Or just look outside your window and turn on the news.

A game about fixing things

Wildcard is a contemporary spy-fi game, drawing on inspirations such as Mission Impossible, the Bourne movies and The Losers. Players assume the roles of secret agents recruited into "Wildcard", a CIA operation intended to end threats to the world as we know it and to solve problems that cannot be tackled with diplomatic backchannels, drone strikes or special forces raids. Bombings in Delhi and Islamabad have brought the India-Pakistan conflict to a boil, and it seems like everyone's got their hands in the pie. Who wants what, and how far are they willing to go to get it?

Wildcard uses the Night's Black Agents system, a derivative of GUMSHOE, for fast-paced, cinematic thriller action.

The Team