What You Are

What You Are

Plot Summary

Sharon and Az deal with another New York City cell of Sanctuary and their relationship.


Gatac: This one was kinda weird because in telling the story, it ran away from us several times. Camille Belton is introduced here and rapidly gained "secondary character" status when we realized that we'd hit upon gold by accident. The running battle at the end is one of the best we've ever done, it just keeps on ramping up until shit blows up real good. And then the end...that did a lot of heavy lifting on Az's character.

Punkey: What You Are was really important in the grand scheme of things, since Gatac wasn't entirely on board with taking this story as far as it's willing to go, and this was kind of the "Okay, let's see how this turns out and we'll go from there" story. It was an absolute blast to write, and we really started to plumb the depths of the cosmology, try to codify all of our main characters, figure out exactly what's going on, their histories and motivations, and really find the voice of each character. Camille was a complete surprise, she just came organically out of us brainstorming ideas, and I'm glad she did, because she adds a whole new dimension to the story that we had never seen before. To me, she's emblematic of the whole "return from hiatus" sequence of events. She's a natural product of the story, has a deep and interesting background and a bright, well-developed character and a real voice that we can write at a consistently high level of quality, a real sign of how far we've come since we started this thing on a lark after Heroes NYC ended in 2003.