Template Replicator

Template Replicator

Also called molecular foundries, forges, or simply replicators, Template Replicators are a vital part of the Jade Imperium's technology. They are highly advanced, ancient technology created by the Masters which can convert matter into its base atoms and then reassemble it into something else. The conversion process is a mystery, and every attempt to understand it or use it as a weapon has met with failure.

The replicator folds in on itself for transport. In its dormant form it is a cylinder roughly 4 feet tall and 2 feet in diameter. A replicator requires an external power source; when active, the machine automatically expands to most efficiently use the available power source and to construct the desired items.

The Gateway, Donut, and Coffin artifacts can be created with the right replicator. Template Replicators can even create duplicates of themselves. The largest replicators are exceedingly rare and are used to create orbital gates.

Construction time varies with the means available to power the replicator as well as the base materials used to construct the new artifacts. Construction is quickest if a damaged or destroyed artifact is used for the raw matter, otherwise pure hydrogen is the preferred due to its atomic simplicity.