When he was young, Swims-the-Black was selected to be taken for the Alef-Ka or Jade Caretakers, the elite trained personal guard of Emperors, to become one of the most highly-educated and lethal Wherren in the Imperium. Taught everything from how to read human intent at a glance to how to hot-wire a gravsled, they are supposed to be elite and incorruptible. However, when Swims-the-Black stood by the side of the Emperor's Avatar as he delivered the order to burn Bashakra and the planet's surface was scorched before his eyes, his loyalty burned with it.


Species: Wherren (Might die x2 from humans, +d8 opposed die when dealing with prejudice against Wherren, required language: Whirr-sign)
  • Might d20
  • Move d8 (8XP)
  • Fight d10 (10XP)
    • Arena Champion
  • Shoot d8
  • Drive d10
    • Smuggler Captain
  • Think d10 (10XP)
    • Living on the Run
  • Talk d8
  • Tech d8
  • Wits d8 (8XP)
  • Will d10 (10XP)
    • Before the Emperor, Defiant


Renegade Alef-Ka - d10

Honorable Captain - d8 (8XP)

WD: 3/3
Wounds: 12/12
Shock: 22/22