Sharon (alias Irene Hansen)

Molly Culver as

Sharon is, in many respects, a literal demon. Her tenacity and propensity for violence (coupled with a well-developed talent for it) often place her at odds with others. However, having deserted Hell, she's slowly coming around to a more balanced approach to life - but her extensive knowledge of warfare in all its forms does not ease the transition. Sharon is not only a certified weapon expert, but also has a serious talent for all things mechanical, is an expert sharpshooter amd well-versed in CQB tactics, making her the default "assault" element of the team. She and Mark Simmons used to be lovers, but Mark's inability to leave his past behind have driven them apart. Despite this, Sharon soldiers on as she has always done, confident that it will all be worth it in the end. Despite her fiery temper, Sharon also has a soft side, but takes great pains to conceal it, being still wary of relying on others for support.

Sharon's attempts to better Mark - and in the process, herself - constitute a constant subplot in Professionals.