Semo Putupu

Sgt. Semo "Sumo" Putupu, US Army
Peter Navy Tuiasosopo as Sumo

Sergeant Semo "Sumo" Putupu (shortened by some wags to "Poopoo" ) is a US-born Samoan. His parents moved over to the US seeking 'the good life' and ended up as migrant farm workers in California. Shortly thereafter, Semo was born, and he grew up knowing little other than that life.

Not particularly bright or talented, Semo turned to the military as a way off of the farm circuit. The army has found good use for his size and strength, primarily in the use of heavier weapons. Semo has earned a reputation for following orders and not asking questions - something his superiors tend to appreciate. He has fought in a handful of wars around the globe, earning several commendations as well as promotion to Corporal. Having already "re-upped" once, it is beginning to look like Semo will end up as "career military".

Some months ago, Semo rotated off a combat duty assignment in the Middle East and returned home to a stint on guard duty in DC.

Recently promoted to the rank of Sergeant and assigned to the Delta Force detachment, Mesas Negras Army Research Facility, Arizona. He doesn't know the specifics of his current assignment, and doesn't particularly care. All he knows is that this base is wrapped in layers of security and secrecy, and it's his job to keep it that way.

  • Might d10
  • Move d8
  • Fight d12 (12 XP)
    • One-Handed (10 XP)
  • Shoot d8
    • Support
  • Drive d6
    • Driving
  • Think d4
  • Talk d6
  • Tech d4
  • Wits d8
  • Will d8
    • Intimidation


Tough MoFo d10 (10XP) - Sumo is nearly as big and tough as the wrestlers he's named after. It takes an amazing amount of violence to put him down. And he recovers so fast that just when you think he's down for good, he picks himself up and keeps going.

Military Intelligence d8 - Neither bright nor attractive (far from it, actually), Sgt. Putupu is steadfastly loyal and believes in the military way with all his heart. He eats, sleeps and excretes by the book, and this does not go unnoticed by his superiors.

Chat 'Em Up d4 - Beneath the heavy weapons and the muscle, Semo is fairly gregarious and can win people over with small talk - a skill born from years of gruntwork in the military. (4XP)

5/7 Wild Dice

10/10 Wounds
18/18 Shock

XP bank: 4