Sanctuary is a clandestine organisation dedicated to "dealing with the metahuman threat".

Modus Operandi

Project Sanctuary comprises a two-fold approach to the problem of super-powered threats, particularly Metahumans. On the one hand, Sanctuary provides safe haven and, in some cases, extra secure holding tailored to remove dangerous super-powered people from the general population. They keep close tabs on people who are thought to have dangerous powers, and step in either when they deem the person a threat or if the watched person himself sends out a "cry for help", usually by attempting suicide.

Once in Sanctuary's custody, a new member of the program undergoes a detailed physical and psychological evaluation to determine his risk factor. Low risk metahumans are sent to one of several "gated communities", where they live among fellow metahumans in relative seclusion from the outside world. High risk metahumans (including those that are psychologically unstable or simply possess devastating powers) are put into isolation cells built to custom specifications.

However, some recruits are asked to undergo additional screening for physical fitness and combat aptitude. Sanctuary recruits most of its field operatives from metahumans they take into custody; using the talents of some of the world's most brilliant tactical minds, Sanctuary can devise training programs to shape almost any metahuman power into a useful combat skill. Recruits also undergo specialised training in modern firearms, small unit tactics and counterterrorism. A Sanctuary squad is not designed to be the 'ultimate' special operations team, as that would require a training program too immense in time scale and magnitude. Instead, Sanctuary squads are specifically designed to counter acute metahuman threats. In this way, Sanctuary squads function more like SWAT than a military special ops squad.

With an eye towards secrecy, Sanctuary rarely deploys overt force - actual sightings of a fireteam engaging in open combat are rare and reserved only for truly dire circumstances. Instead, Sanctuary will usually limit its actions to surveillance and surgical strikes, preferring to let the police or military do the grunt work.


Sanctuary operates several classified sites around the continental United States, most of them atleast partially underground to protect against satellite surveillance. Their main training facility lies on an abandoned island off the coast of New Jersey on a Superfund site, far away from major population centers and curious eyes. Much of their facility is actually built into the shells of condemned buildings - a costly and slow process, but one guaranteeing nearly total stealth, as Sanctuary can quietly divert funding and materials nearly everywhere to establish its field bases.

Sanctuary also has access to advanced infantry equipment and operates several advanced transport helicopters, which are known to be rigged for total stealth with active noise cancelling and optical camouflage.

Legal Status

Sanctuary falls under the rather nebulous distinction of being a "federal agency", and even that is arguably deliberate misinformation. With its initial cadre handpicked from police forces, intelligence agencies and USSOCOM, Sanctuary belongs to neither of them while doing, to some degree, all of their jobs where it regards metahumans. Everything it does falls under the banner of "black ops"; its members know that they are technically committing criminal acts, the compartmentalization of information is high, and few people know who actually gives the orders.

All of this means that Sanctuary essentially does what it wants. It's not so much that it could go rogue; the interesting questions are whether it already is, and how anyone could tell.


[*]The Board*, /Sanctuary Leadership/
: *Hannibal McNary*, Codename Jaeger, /Acting Director - Field Operations/
:: *Dr. Elizabeth Raines*, Codename Banshee, /Psychological Evaluation, Chief of Medicine/
:: *John Doe*, Codename Sensei, /Close Combat Trainer/
:::*Mark Simmons*, Codename Reaper, /Field Operative/
:::*Squad Three*, /Training/
:: *Squad One*, /Active/
:: *Squad Two*, /Inactive/ Recruiting