Plot Summary

Mark visits the past, Lucifer solves his first case, and Sharon takes one risk too many.


Gatac: I hope this story adequately conveys the mindset of our favourite archangel. The poem at the end is William Ernest Henley's Invictus, by the way. Also, there's the duality between two situations in which Sharon does what she thinks is best and ends up endangering others through it - did anyone notice, or am I reading too much into my own writing?

Punkey: I liked not having to come up with any storylines or ideas for this one. It was a refreshing change from the normal posting cycle, where Gatac posts something, I think about what's coming up next (usually five or six posts ahead at least), I then either have something else come up or more often than not, just don't write anything because there comes a time where you realize that no matter how much you stare at the screen, you can't force yourself to be creative, a few days later I suddenly figure out what I'm going to do, write the post and put it up, which then Gatac whips up a post of equal or greater quality in about thirty minutes, upon which I curl up into the fetal position and cry. Just the mention of the word "love" sends me into an epileptic fit. I hope you're happy.

Gatac: Why, of course I'm happy. Let me do that again: No time for love, Doctor Jones?

Punkey: * twitches *

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