Robin Barksdale

Agent Robin Barksdale, CIA SOG

Robin is the classic army brat, and grew up in a number of places around the world: San Diego, Seoul, Manilla, Heidelberg, Louisville and Tokyo. She grew up as the consumate troublemaker, getting into fights and trouble with the law wherever she was. Her father made a point to enroll her in martial arts schools wherever they lived, to try and keep her out of trouble. She excelled in competitive fighting, and, in her later teens, managed to find organized, underground fights to participate in. Her flair for cultural immersion helped keep her out of trouble when she would invariably get caught. Her father died of a heart attack at 17, which sobered her up a bit. She joined the army, and made a name for herself when she was challenged by her drill sargeant in basic, and easily laid him out. She excelled in the army, and in 2004 was sent to the Phillipines, where her cultural background and training would be used to fight Abu Sayyaf. At one point, her unit came under fire from insurgents, and her actions saved the lives of the unit; thus earning her the Silver Star. After her actions, she was promoted into Delta Force's "Funny Platton", in which she saw action around SE Asia and in Afghanistan. Eventually, was noticed by CIA Agent Paul Sturgis, who recruited her for the CIA's SAD/SOG group. After a few years of training and various undercover-ops, she's been re-assigned to someplace she's never heard of - Mesas Negras. In her spare time, she enjoys beating anyone at anything, watching old cartoons, and working out while listening to stand-up comedy on her ipod.

Schtick: Obstinate, competitive, and tough-as-nails, martial artists operative
Age: 29
Vitals: 5 ft, 3 in; 109 lbs.

  • Might d10
    • Toughness
  • Move d12
  • Fight d10
    • Unarmed
  • Shoot d8
  • Drive d4
  • Think d6
  • Talk d6
  • Tech d4
  • Wits d8
    • Streetwise
  • Will d6
    • Willpower


Master of 1,000 Forms d10 - Robin has studied a wide range of martial arts forms from around the world, and easily recognizes/learns new attack and defense patterns.

Anything You Can Do... d8 - "I can do better". Robin is hyper-competitive to a fault, and is obsessive about out-working and out-hustling anyone at anything.

7/7 Wild Dice

10/10 Wounds
16/16 Shock