Plot Summary

A story of three killers, and how each of them dies.


Gatac: Yay, creator breakdown! I threw in the towel in the middle of this, left it to stew for a long time and was a general self-absorbed asshole about it until the sanity came flooding back in and I realized that I wanted to finish telling our story. And I think the finale vindicates the decision to come back. It wasn't easy to say "Oh, this is the one where HE dies", but once that was out of the bag it became obvious that it had to happen.

Punkey: I think the most remarkable thing about this, aside from it being finished at all after a year and half gap, is the step up in writing quality. Reasonable Part II is really the first one I can point to and say, "You should check this out, we wrote this and I think it's pretty good." The hugely expanded depth of character interactions, the higher level of writing on the prose, it's all head and shoulders above what we were writing before the hiatus.