Plot Summary

Over two years since the events of It's a Mad, Mad World, the Professionals have built up JS Consulting and proven the concept of contractors working with the SCU. Now, in their first big case, they try to track down a group of people who used magic and cutting-edge equipment in a bank robbery.


Gatac: Well, the first outing. We didn't really know where we were going, and there's a few odd bits and pieces there. Definately a candidate for a good rewrite, if we ever get around to that...

Punkey: Saying we didn't know where we were going is an understatement. Here's the log of the conversation that created this idea.

punkey: I've been staring at the Heroes thread, and I realized something.
NCRRGatac: You did ?
punkey: We've managed to create our own little play group unto ourselves.
punkey: Just you and me.
NCRRGatac: Pretty much, yes.
NCRRGatac: Do I hear a game proposal ?
punkey: Something like that.
NCRRGatac: Well ?
punkey: We could maybe run it in Solo Stories. Have it be like the original Wasteland RP, but a teensy bit more guided. We'll have something resembling a
story to go with it.
punkey: Just a framework.
NCRRGatac: Want to roll out Special Delivery, then ?
punkey: Nah, we already gave that one to ADS.
punkey: I could cook up a few more, though.
NCRRGatac: I have a setting.
punkey: Excellent.
NCRRGatac: But it's Cyberpunk.
punkey: Who says that the whole world must be Cyberpunk in order to have a Cyberpunk story?
punkey: Ever watch Sneakers?
NCRRGatac: I meant a Cyberpunk world, then.
punkey: Hm.
NCRRGatac: The drawback is, I have no idea how to integrate Jack.
punkey: Is this somehow related to your Paladin 2 thingy?
NCRRGatac: It is the same, actually.
NCRRGatac: We don't have to follow the thread.
NCRRGatac: I just thought it made an interesting backdrop, since I developed the setting a bit in my head.
punkey: Well, I was thinking for my little idea somewhere along the lines of just them getting hired to do things outside of the scope of what ADS does.
punkey: Just other cases and such.
NCRRGatac: I'm fine with that.
punkey: Anyway. Integration....
NCRRGatac: So more of a Bugs thing, then ?
punkey: ??
NCRRGatac: Bugs.
NCRRGatac: The slightly old TV series.
NCRRGatac: The first place I ever saw a Calico gun.
NCRRGatac: It's about a group of tech experts going after hi-tech criminals.
NCRRGatac: Lots of electronic warfare, in a smaller scope.
punkey: Something like that, except replace "electronics" with "paranormal".
NCRRGatac: Ah.
punkey: Because it is what they've kinda advertized themselves as.
punkey: Paranormal experts to be brought in when the going gets weird.
NCRRGatac: More Birds of Prey, then ?
punkey: Except not a direct Dark Angel ripoff.
NCRRGatac: Well, that sounds good.
NCRRGatac: Title suggestions ?
punkey: Working on that.
NCRRGatac: Hm.
NCRRGatac: Dentists ?
NCRRGatac: Talons ?
punkey: Out of curiosity, why Dentists?
NCRRGatac: Finding and pulling the rotten teeth of the underground.
punkey: REALLY.
NCRRGatac: Hiding the illness from the patient.
NCRRGatac: And fielding exorbitant bills.
NCRRGatac: Trying to make you look prettier, but not because they're idealistic about it, but because they get paid to do it.
punkey: Well, I think my above statement is close to what happens with these people. The whole statement is "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
punkey: So why not Professionals?
NCRRGatac: Hm.
NCRRGatac: Sounds too killer-y.
punkey: Only if you look at it that way.
punkey: Those action movies have tainted your brain, you know.
NCRRGatac: You can't get an objective opinion out of anyone, that's the point.
NCRRGatac: Total objectivity demands total ignorance.
punkey: Still, you got a better one?
NCRRGatac: Not really.
NCRRGatac: I suck at titles.
punkey: We'll talk about this later tonight(for me, tomorrow for you). I have to go somewhere.
NCRRGatac: How many hours ?
punkey: It ends around noon, I'll be back around 1:00.
NCRRGatac: Ah.
NCRRGatac: I'll see if I can come up with a good intro story.

And that same day, Professionals was born.

Gatac: Let it be a lesson to you, guys: Impulse writing is a dangerous, dangerous game.

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