Professionals Minor Characters

Professionals Minor Characters

Alexandra "Alex" Ingues

The self-styled "Ice Queen" of the Ingues Cartel. She wears stark clothing and shows little emotions in front of her employees, which she views as mere assets in her plan to rule the underground. While calculating, "Alex" is held back by her inability to make multi-layered long-term plans, forcing her to constantly shift gears when things don't work out in her favor. Her father - the old Don, from whom she inherited the cartel - focussed his fatherly affections mostly on Mark Simmons, giving Alex a good reason to hate the hitman. In the cartel, the personal animosity between the two - short-lived though their working relationship may have been - remains the stuff of legend.

Christian Lambert

Underground fixer and information broker. He has an excellent working relationship with Mark Simmons, who frequently checks in to buy some of Christian's info or gear. Runs a small shop of fake magical trinkets called "Christian's Charms" as cover.

Marlin Sheppard

Tough SVU cop Sheppard is actually a celestial - specifically, an Avatar of Justice. As such, he's technically an angel, but ranks low enough to not have a proper name. As you'd suspect, he's all about making sure people get what's coming to them.

Miriam Simmons

Religious nutjob and mother of Mark Simmons. As of recently, she has mellowed out considerably, especially after Mark visited her to set some things straight. Still strangely spry for her age, but diagnosed with terminal cancer. She has refused all treatment; her doctors give her a few months.

Sofia Chapell

SVU detective is a convenient cover for this celestial - an Avatar of Empathy.


Deceased Ex-Girlfriend of Jack Schaefer. After being frustrated by Jack's commitment to fighting crime, she became mentally unhinged and dabbled in the dark arts, becoming possessed by a demon in the process. In the end, Jack was forced to kill her himself.

Thomas Simmons

Father of Mark Simmons. A Paladin himself, he trained Mark for combat, but eventually lost faith in his son and the two grew apart. Thomas died soon thereafter, leaving a teenage Mark and his wife Miriam behind. Thomas never told Mark of his heritage before he died, adding another thing for Mark to be bitter about to an already sizeable list.

Vincent Ratioli

Experienced hitman for the Ingues Cartel, Vincent was the closest thing Mark Simmons had to a friend during his time in the business. Unlike Mark, Vince appreciated finesse and a light touch, finishing his jobs with a strange mixture of professional courtesy, style and cold precision. He was also noteable for his tendency to use exotic firearms.

As of ReBorn, Vince is doing time on Death Row, waiting for his execution after being convicted of a handful of assassinations the police could connect to him.