The Professionals


/The Professionals/ is a virtual TV series, released in episode form. The show features the further adventures of Mark Simmons and friends. Metahumans have spread throughout the world, overburdening regular cops with superpowered cases and rampant hate crime; in response, the NYPD established the Special Crimes Unit, whose members are specially trained to deal with metahuman criminal cases. The SCU has nearly complete authority over how it conducts its business; one of its first decisions was to hire contractors for police work to sidestep several legal hurdles. Jack Schaefer's firm, JS Consulting, provides its services to the NYPD, but also contracts out to other Law Enforcement Agencies.


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The World of Professionals

Season One

# ReBorn
# Late Goodbye
# Strange Attractors
# Headful of Ghosts
# Baker
# Abuse
# Royalty
# One Step Closer
# Flashed
# Southern Cross
# Reasonable / More Fun in the New World / What You Are
# Inquisition
# Otherside (Season Finale)