Novice Martin

Novice Martin, Healer

Hair: Dirty blonde, shaved into a tonsure
Eyes: Gray
Facial features: Flowing, with a small nose and almost invisible eyebrows
Build: Lean
Height: 5'6"
Age: 19

  • Might: d6
  • Move: d8
  • Fight: d10 (10 XP)
    • Unarmed
  • Shoot: d4
  • Drive: d6
  • Think: d10
    • Culture
    • Medicine
  • Talk: d10
  • Tech: d6
  • Wits: d8
  • Will: d10

Wounds: 6/6
Shock: 16/16
Wild Dice: 3/6
Magic Points: 4/12

When Human:
Just A Harmless Monk: d8
Martin's appearance, manner of speech and general poise betray him as a member of the Order of the Open Hand. If you know your religious orders (and the Open Hand is far from obscure), you know he's taken vows of chastity, poverty, and pacifism. Underestimation comes with the territory.

When Rakasta:
Crouching Tiger: d8
Thanks to a very close encounter with a comely Rakasta healer, Martin can now assume a Rakasta-shape himself. Though his newfound playfulness exposes new ways for Martin to act like a dope, this body brings with it sharp senses - and sharp claws.

I Can't Believe It's Not Tai Chi: d6
Less well-known is the Order's physical training, mostly because few monks ever have to resort to it. And when they do, the effects aren't spectacular. Their opponents stumble, misstep or just plain swing past the monks, who guide the dance with minimal evasive movements. They'll even help their enemies to their feet after the fight and see to their wounds. Needless to say, fighting and losing to pacifist monks is not something a lot of people are willing to brag about.

Magic (Protection, Think): d6
The Order teaches some basic healing magic by training their monks to share in the pain of others and help shoulder the burdens of life for them. Martin's a talented, if unexceptional practitioner.

Signature Spells:
Lessen the Burden (1 MP, Heals 3 Wounds or all Shock)
Escape Clause (2 MP, Cures Plague ripoff)
Untouchable (2 MP, Target Defense Up)
Unity (1 MP, Target feels content)


Martin is the son of a family of merchants who live in modest wealth. Reliable and sensitive from a young age, it didn't take his parents long to realize that he wouldn't be taking over the family business. Who says the second-born son shouldn't get a whack at it? (Gottlieb, incidentally, is very handy at business matters and administration. Mom wonders if they'll ever manage to get him away from the books long enough for him to marry.) Martin was sent to study at the local abbey of the Order of the Open Hand, a charitable organization that regularly sends its monks outside to assist the people in whatever way they can. Martin spent five years being instructed in their ways, and though entering the Order meant renouncing his name, he has kept close ties with his family through letters and visits them often. He's grown up to be a fine young fellow with his heart in the right place and a tireless devotion to his cause.

The time has come for Martin to take the pilgrimage to a holy site of the Order, where he will be inducted into formal brotherhood. But like many of the Novices, he is in no hurry to do so, not when there's so much to be done in the places he travels through. And so he can be found in the bad part of every town he visits, his healing skills and quiet strength at the service of the least fortunate. Although he has faced adversity in his travels, his sunny disposition is none the worse for wear.

Martin deeply believes in the tenets of his faith - that the rightful place of every man is where he is needed, that good work is its own reward, that violence hurts everyone. He is young, and that makes him impulsive at times as his hot blood struggles against his principles, but he always keeps them in mind and strives to truly internalize their lessons. He has a tendency to go with the flow of a situation and is generally trusting of people, but it would be a mistake to call him naive - he simply believes the best of those he meets.

But what of his final ambition? Although he is embarrassed by it, Martin thinks that there may be a life outside the Order after all - not outside of its teachings, but outside of its walls and ranks. Maybe there's a place for him somewhere out there where he can stop living from day to day and build something that lasts. Maybe, he thinks, there is a woman out there so striking that he would surrender his heart to her. Or maybe he will just keep wandering and help people without ever returning to the Order at all. He wouldn't be the first Novice to "run away".