More Fun in the New World

More Fun in the New World

Plot Summary

Chrome goes down to LA to consult with the local SCU. Soon, a trail of murders leads her into the local vampire community and to a few revelations about herself.


Gatac: This one was Punkey's baby. He started writing it before Reasonable was done (hell, before we knew how it would end!), so the beginning had to be fixed when we knocked the "real" episode out. Still, this one turned out very nice, developing Chrome and Avenger and Jack's characters. And our cosmology is one step closer to...well, not exactly making sense /per se/, but being more consistent.

Punkey: I started writing this as a character experiment, try to knock out something specifically from the point of view of one of our characters after the end of Reasonable Part II, and to try to keep Professionals alive during the extended hiatus it went through. Originally, it was supposed to end with Mark being put under Karen's thumb, but after we decided it would be better for everyone involved and the story if Mark died, it gained a new degree of importance. I eventually dropped the idea of doing one for each of them and decided to focus each one on the two main "pairs" that we have. I think More Fun was a big part of why Gatac came back to Professionals, kinda showed that there's a lot more left here to tell, and that it would suck if we just left these characters that we love so much hanging in limbo.