Luis Stanhill

Sgt. Luis Stanhill, US Army
Bringer of Many Miseries

Luis Stanhill enlisted in the Army at 22 after several years of uncertainty about his future in college, following a few years in technical fields and a (short-lived) switch to pre-med. Following basic training, he showed experience with technical aspects, he was assigned to demolitions training, as well as receiving enough boosting of his knowledge from his premed courses to serve as a medic if needed. When he was shipped out to the Middle East shortly after completing his various training courses, he was deployed to a unit under the command of one Hugh Verrill, and had only been in that unit for a few weeks when a major insurgent strike was avoided thanks to a lot of quick thinking and smart actions on the part of the soon-to-be 2nd Lieutenant Verill. The unit all felt they owed their lives to Hugh, and were truly shocked when, in an IED detonation several days later, he was thrown from their vehicle. It was Luis who performed first aid and kept the Lieutenant stable, if not conscious, until more experienced medical personnel could be reached, and Luis never forgot the face of the officer to whom he owed his life. He continued his service, but was transferred back to the home front after two years, where he was assigned to Delta Force, receiving additional training in first aid and demolitions. Following this, he served for another year with Delta force before being reassigned to the Mesas Negras facility. Like the rest of the team, he suspects that something is up, but doesn't know what.

  • Might d6
  • Move d8 (8XP)
  • Fight d8
  • Shoot d10
    • Submachine Gun
  • Drive d8
    • Pilot (8XP)
  • Think d8
  • Talk d8 (6XP) (8XP)
  • Tech d10
    • Systems Operation
    • Demolitions
    • Computers (10XP)
  • Wits d6
  • Will d8 (8XP)


Delta Force Training d8 - Delta Force accepts none but the best, and they don't let them get off easily once in. Delta force's training programs leave its members ready for just about anything.

Medic d8 - Thanks to being good with his hands and putting things back how they ought to be, Luis serves as the team's medic, leading to a (stale) line about being fully able to blow you into pieces and put you back together.

Reluctant Leader d6 - All his life, Luis has avoided the center stage for fear of letting others down. Now, interstellar war has forced him into the position he's never asked for, but he's turning out to be better at it than he thought. (10XP)

6/9 Wild Dice (4XP)

6/6 Wounds
14/14 Shock
62 XP to date