Late Goodbye

Late Goodbye

Plot Summary

Dealing with a trail of metahuman murders, all signs point to Jack's girlfriend. However, not everything is as it seems - but it seems that nothing is the same afterwards...


Gatac: Ah, much better. Unfortunately, Susan didn't get all the buildup we wanted to give her before this. We're looking into ways of illuminating this chapter of Jack's life. After all, we have two years to screw around with...a long time. I still love the showdown in the warehouse - probably the most outright gut-wrenching moment yet.

Punkey: Just another example of my deep-seated need to fuck with my characters. I probably should seek therapy.

Gatac: Might I add, a deep-seated need to fuck with characters, period. Another Special Delivery reason: We should've built up the Jack/Chrome angle more, since it kinda comes out of left field.

flags: 010