Kadiatu Aaronovich

Warrant Officer Kadiatu Aaronovich

Blood type: AB+ (universal recipient)
Height: 170 centimetres (5 ft 7 in)
Mass: 52 kilograms (115 lb)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Distinguishing Characteristics: Green octopus tattoo on left arm, lithe build, regular gym user, long-distance runner (has completed London marathon 3 times)

Kadi is the child of three cultures: her Nigerian mother, her Yugoslavian father, and the United Kingdom they'd both escaped to. As a child, the phrase "doesn't play well with others" was one often used to describe her attitude (as was "well intentioned but thoroughly unacceptable use of violence". When the public education system and the best effort of her loving but frustrated parents didn't show any indication of correcting that character flaw, she was eventually packed off to boarding school.

The school's cadet program was meant to instil a sense of honour and discipline in its participants; at least the discipline part worked, and troublemakers learnt that bothering her wasn't conducive to their continued good health. It also brought her to the attention of army recruiters that found her combination of callous detachment with an almost fervent desire to put things back together particularly appealing. They signed her up and shipped her out as a combat medic notionally under the auspices of the Royal Army Medical Corps, thereby sidestepping the UK military's ban on women serving in infantry positions.

Kadi's first deployment was as part of the UK's contribution to NATO's KFOR peacekeeping efforts in the Balkans, where her knowledge of the language and cultures of the region was deemed to be an advantage, and performed admirably.

Kadi's next deployment was to the Middle East as part of the invasion of Afghanistan, stil serving as a medic on attachment. Her squad mates regularly sang her praises (even if they didn't particularly like her), especially when she saved them from an insurgent ambush by shooting the would-be bomber in the face, and then patched up not only her injured squad mates, but the bystanders injured in the ambush. She was commended for her heroism and quick action, and became known as a great medic and a solid, dependable soldier who never hesitates to take action

It's for these reasons, and others, that she was placed on the short list to be seconded on as the first European member of the GRHDI's elite field team...

  • Might: d6
    • Tough (6xp)
  • Move: d10
    • Athletics
  • Fight: d8
  • Shoot: d8
  • Drive: d4
  • Think: d8
    • Medicine
    • Culture (8xp)
  • Talk: d8
    • Language (8xp)
  • Tech: d6
    • <i>Repair<i>
    • Systems Operation (6xp)
  • Wits: d8
    • Awareness (8xp)
    • Tracking (8xp)
  • Will: d8 (8xp)
    • Willpower (6xp)


Mends Things (d8): Kadi loves putting things back together, whether it be things or people. She oft times doesn't care about them being damaged, it's the challenge of fixing them that appeals most to her.

Part of the Scenery (d6): As the child of two wildly disparate immigrant cultures, Kadi learnt from a young age those little tricks to blend in with various social groups and generally make sure she doesn't draw attention to herself. This includes an ear for languages, including the way people move.

Ice in her Veins (d6): Kadi has a noticeable ruthless streak; her moral sense is extremely relative to herself, so killing and lying for her own benefit doesn't seem to trouble her in the slightest, and she can come across as cold until she decides someone is worth the effort of emotional investment. On the bright side, she doesn't get angrily easily — she gets even.

7/7 Wild Dice (4xp)

Wounds: 6/6
Shock: 14/14
62 XP