Jacob Mason


Special Forces Major and infamous pain in the ass, Jacob Mason is known for two things - stopping bad guys and breaking the rules to do it. Recruited into Wildcard for the former and in spite of the latter, he is taking his talent for jumping into dangerous situations with unorthodox solutions to the CIA.



  • Human Terrain 1
  • Languages 3
  • Law 1
  • Military Science 1

  • Bullshit Detector 3
  • Flattery 2
  • Flirting 3
  • Interrogation 2
  • Negotiation 1
  • Tradecraft 2
  • Streetwise 1

  • Notice 3
  • Outdoor Survival 2

  • Athletics 8
  • Conceal 4
  • Cover 13
  • Disguise 2
  • Driving 4
  • Explosive Devices 2
  • Hand-to-Hand 4
  • Health 6
  • Infiltration 6
  • Mechanics 2
  • Medic 4
  • Network 15
  • Piloting 2
  • Preparedness 5/8 (MOS)
  • Sense Trouble 8
  • Shooting 8
  • Stability 4
  • Surveillance 2/4
  • Weapons 8

Cover Identities
Stef Heimans, ABP - BURNED


Mason also brings with him 4 points of Extra Heat: 2 points in Colombia and 2 in Chechnya. But surely, the hateboner of two major groups of organized crime are not gonna create any problems for you at all.


Drive: Altruism. Mason's all about doing the right thing. He just lives in a world where the Right Thing usually is to kill bad guys.
Symbol: A family on their knees with guns to their heads. The names, the faces, the dates...it blurs together for Mason, who's seen this too often. The people just outside that neat little picture, the ones holding those guns? Mason's gonna bury them, bury them all, so he never has to see this picture again.
Solace: Alira Holden, ASIS. Mason and Alira have crossed paths before, both professionally and...less professionally. And unlike the rest of Mason's conquests, Alira was a good choice. Would be a great choice, even, now that she's got a medical retirement and is out of the game for good.
Safety: A farm deep in the outback. Breed ostriches, drive a fuck-off big ute, keep an arsenal of "hunting" weapons large enough to repel an invading army. What could be safer than that?
Trust: Tim 1, Luc 0, Blake 0