JS Consulting

JS Consulting


JS Consulting (named after the founder, Jack Schaefer) is an euphemistically-named firm hiring out "contractors" to various US Government organisations (most prominently, the NYPD), mostly for the purpose of dealing with Metahumans. While the legal decision to allow this deal is - and has been - controversial, few people deny that JS Consulting has been instrumental in the work of the NYPD SCU.

Unbeknownst to the public, JS Consulting actually has many ties to the metahuman underground, the most prominent one being their main financier - none other than Mark Simmons.


Located in an otherwise abandoned residential block, JS Consulting proper is built into an old ground-level storefront. The complex is heavily fortified, featuring bulletproof glass and reinforced walls. A seperate, less built-up facility is located above the main offices and nicknamed "The Nest", with stairway access from the inner courtyard of the complex. However, the main part of JS Consulting operations actually takes place underground, in a sublevel housing the main armory, living space, training facilities and the garage. There are three theoretical points of entry to the sublevel: a magically disguised stairway in the heavily protected main computer room, a cargo elevator for vehicles, and a "panic room" tunnel that is supposed to link up with abandoned subway tunnels, but remains uncomplete as of One Step Closer.

Security measures are heavy throughout the entire complex. The sublevel can enter a "Fortress mode", which automatically locks down all exterior access and switches the air conditioning to recycling and cleaning out interior air only. In this mode, the sublevel can withstand all but the most determined assault.


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