I Fought The Law

I Fought The Law

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I Fought The Law is the 7th Heroes game, and features a new city (Los Santos) as well as a completely new cast.

Player Characters
Plot Synopsis
The SCU investigates a group of highly trained serial snipers preying upon Los Santos police. They discover that these random but vicious attacks are preliminary to the planned assassination of Anthony Stark, the CEO of Stark International. The mastermind behind the plot is none other than Katherine Dare, who was responsible for paralyzing Stark ten years earlier.

The SCU tracks down the assassins one by one, leaving Dare no choice but to attack Stark personally. Biff foils her plan while the rest of the SCU saves Stark's security detail from the remainder of Dare's minions. Katherine Dare falls to her death and a single assassin escapes the SCU during the battle.

The Dare attack on Stark is taken from Marvel Comics' Iron Man title. Notable changes include Dare being institutionalized instead of committing suicide and the lack of any Iron Man character whatsoever.