Hunter Brand

Maj. Hunter Brand, USMC (ret.)

Height: 6'0
Weight: 200lbs
Build: Athletic
Eyes: Green
Hair: Salt & pepper

People don't talk about it much, but a person's path is often greatly affected by the conversations adults have in their childhood household. For Hunter Brand, an extended family of union leaders and Vietnam veterans meant exposure to hours of discussion on tactics of confrontation, of uneven fights turned to unexpected advantage. If you're going to fight, fight smart.

Enlisting in the Marines in the late 1980s, Hunter was an NCO for Desert Storm and Haiti, before making the jump to OCS and fancy-pants intellectualism, eventually getting a Master's in applied anthropology for a study of the Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front. A member of Paul Van Riper's Red Team in Millennium Challenge 02, Brand helped coordinate the actions that sunk most of the US navy with little more than Cessnas and fishing boats. With a reputation as smart, but potentially a pain in the ass, Brand was shifted around over the next five years to various trouble spots in America's brushfire wars, frequently cleaning up the excesses and fuckups of previous gung-ho commanders who thought of their job as increasing bodycounts.

Finishing his 20 and collecting his due retirement, Brand went into work in research, "research," consulting, and "consulting." His published/open work mostly involves conflict assessments and strategic recommendations for international organizations and states on how to deal with drug cartels, terrorists, and other non-state agents; getting guerillas to demobilize for christmas, that sort of thing ( Off the books, it seems like he's been in some pretty /interesting/ locations, doing pretty /interesting/ things.

Hunter has closely followed news of the Imperium war from afar for quite some time, and is curious to see what things are like close up. Culturally, militarily, and organizationally, it looks to be interesting work.

  • Might d10 (8xp) (1 Raise)
  • Move d8
    • Stealth (8xp)
  • Fight d8 (1 Raise)
  • Shoot d8
    • Support Weapons
  • Drive d6
  • Think d12 (12xp)
    • Medicine
    • Organizational Culture (10xp)
  • Talk d8 (8xp)
    • Interview (6xp)
  • Tech d6
  • Wits d10
    • Awareness
  • Will d8 (8 XP)


Red Team All-Star d10 (10xp): Having devoted the better part of a career to studying of how the weak may fight the strong, Hunter has become one of the West's experts on the theory and practice of asymmetric warfare.
Participant-Observer d8: Call it battlefield ethnography, call it action research, but Maj. Brand has a knack for pulling sharp insights and unexpected connections out of what he sees and does.

5/5 Wild Dice

8/8 Wounds
14/14 Shock
70 XP, 2 raises to date