Hug'sh Walks-The-Fire of 815

Some people are born in the wrong time, some in the wrong place - Hug'sh was born the wrong species. In another life, he was Captain Hubert "Hugh" Verrill, US Army, squad leader of the elite group of gateway explorers and warriors that would eventually become known as Taskforce 815. Although he didn't realize it at the time, Hugh's first step onto another world would seal his fate. On his watch, Earth - Narsai - entered into a war with the Jade Imperium of a Thousand Worlds, but where 815 fought a desperate struggle to unify the resistance and save Narsai, all the things Hugh had believed in started to break away. Through a lot of pain and bad decisions, Hugh realized that he no longer belonged in the US Army, and following their disastrous attempt to invade Boronai that cost 5000 soldiers their lives, he resigned his commission.

It was on another world that Hugh found happiness. Living in the Wherren village 815, he began a whirlwind romance with Rhea that quickly saw them become bondmates and adopt Torega as their daughter. The prim and proper Army man soon went stunningly native, adopting a Wherren lifestyle for his new family and dedicating himself to the new cause of freedom for all Wherren. When he learned that it was possible to truly become Wherren, it seemed like the easiest, most obvious choice he would ever make. Hugh Verrill went into the genetank. Hug’sh climbed out.

Although Hug’sh is only somewhere in the middle of the Wherren size spectrum, he stills brings a lot more to the gun show than Hugh ever could. He combines newfound tenacity with a wealth of fighting skills best described as “eclectic”. But it’s that diverse training that keeps Hug’sh and the people fighting on his side alive - no matter how the situation shifts, Hug’sh adapts and soldiers on. As the song goes, when all hell’s breaking loose, he’ll be right in the eye of the storm. But more than raw grit or marksmanship, what keeps Hug’sh alive is the knowledge that he’s got something to fight for - and someone to come home to.


Might d12
Move d10
Fight d8
Alef-ka Training
Shoot d10
Drive d4
Think d8
Talk d10
Tech d4
Wits d10
Will d8


Warrior of Three Worlds d10 - Trained in Narsai'i, Imperial and Wherren combat tactics, Hug’sh knows how to get a favorable angle on any tactical situation - and how to exploit what his enemies don't know.

Cautious d8 - Hug’sh has walked into a lot of ambushes - but he's also walked out of all them, so he must be doing something right. Even when he's being shot at, he keeps his head clear and his people alive.

Family Man d6 - A lot of people think that a mellower, happier Hug’sh is also less dangerous. They tend to learn what it's like to get between Hug’sh and his loved ones.