Hugh Verrill

Captain Hubert "Hugh" Verrill, US Army
Herald of Fire
Kevin Bacon as Hugh Verrill

Captain Hugh Verrill's from Bridgeport, Connecticut, but don't let his polished New England looks fool you - he doesn't fight fair. He was Army ROTC when he went to college - Bachelor in Communications, you know? - and began his career as 2nd Lieutenant a year before Operation Iraqi Freedom started. He served two tours in the Middle East, earning a fast-track promotion to 1st Lieutenant after personally leading his unit through a major insurgent ambush without suffering any casualties. He was prominently featured in video material from embedded reporters that showed Iraqi citizens cheering his unit. A few days later - as (bad) luck would have it - he was riding aboard a Humvee when a roadside IED went off a few meters away. Everybody aboard the vehicle escaped unharmed, except for Hugh, who suffered a complicated leg fracture from being thrown out of the vehicle.

Shipped back to the US, he spent two months in recovery, but was reassigned to doing recruitment videos instead of serving another combat tour. He managed to keep at it for three years, earning his Captain's bars, until he decided that he was through with that and put in a request to be transferred back into a combat unit. Instead, he received a reassignment to Mesas Negras as Deputy Security Officer.

Things quickly spun out of control when Hugh learned about the Gateway and that he'd been tapped to lead the first expedition through it. His first trip to an alien world opened up a larger universe for him, but one that was largely hostile. Throughout his gateway adventures, Hugh evaded manhunts, learned how to fight like a soldier of the Imperium and led a planetary assault. He grew steadily less certain of his own abilities, weighed down by the immense responsibility of leading Earth's spearhead in its fight for survival.

However, after a period of introspection, Hugh has made peace with his seemingly uncanny ability to throw down with far superior enemy forces and come out in one piece, and that kind of attitude gives him both his tactical edge as well as a fine-tuned sense of danger. In recognition of his contributions, Hugh has received a formal transfer to Delta. He no longer wonders if he's worthy of his job, because if anything, it's gotten simpler: keep the team alive. He can do that.

Hugh has always been one of the more reluctant team members to embrace the larger universe. As a soldier, his mind was focused on winning the war for Earth, and he was uncomfortable thinking about himself any other way long after his actual attitude softened. It was only when confronted with the distrust of Earth officials on his return from the second Whirr mission that Hugh reconsidered his own opinions about the Imperium and himself. He's come out on the other side a lot more vocal about the need to work together and learn from each other, and perhaps he's all the more fiery now in fighting against xenophobic attitudes on Earth because he only recently left some of his own behind.

  • Might d6
  • Move d8 (8XP)
    • Stealth (6XP)
  • Fight d8 (8xp)
  • Shoot d10
    • Rifle
    • Imperial Weapons (10 xp)
  • Drive d6
  • Think d8
    • Tactics
  • Talk d8
    • Persuasion
  • Tech d4
  • Wits d10
    • Awareness (10XP)
  • Will d8


Cautious d10 - Too many tricks, too much unfamiliar ground - you have to be as careful as Hugh Verrill if you want to survive an intergalactic war. He knows when it's too quiet, which people are looking at him and where all the doors lead. His keen sense of tactical leverage can turn an enemy ambush against them in seconds. (10XP)

Allergic to Bullshit d8 - Hugh tells it like it is, and he expects no less from others. It doesn't endear him to some people, but he can smell a setup from a mile away.

Imperium's Scourge d6 - Imperial tactics, Imperial gear, Imperial soldiers - Hugh just 'gets' them. (10XP)

7/7 Wild Dice

6/6 Wounds
14/14 Shock
62 XP to date