/Heroes?/ is a long-running roleplaying game on the HoaS boards that takes place in Universe-B of a shared multiverse. Featuring low-to-medium power superheroes (commonly referred to as Metahumans) and gritty action in a modern setting, /Heroes?/ has been described as "high-powered /Ronin/". To date, /Heroes?/ has spawned eight chapters with a changing cast.

Campaign cities in the /Heroes?/ world are inspired by the Grand Theft Auto} series of games. Chapters 1-6 take place in and around Liberty City, the New York analogue, while Chapters 7-8 detail the misadventures of the Los Santos {Special Crimes Unit.


# The Death of Jack
# The Fortress of Doctor Evil
# The Talented Mr. Fredo
# Justice is Served
# Liberty Rock City
# It's a Mad, Mad World
# I Fought The Law
# Au

Heroes? (Tabletop)
Chapter 1 of Heroes? was actually a tabletop one-shot game several years ago, followed by a second such game several months later with completely different PCs.

The sporadic tabletop sessions resumed simultaneously with the Los Santos chapters of the online Heroes campaign. The tabletop campaign makes different assumptions about metahumans and the supernatural than the Professionals or even the online Heroes campaign - so much so that it is best to consider it separated from the multiverse the aforementioned games share. That said, characters from the online game have found their way into the tabletop sessions and vice versa.

The tabletop chronicles of the Heroes-verse continue to thrive, with different GMs and multiple campaigns.
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Character Sheet
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