Headful of Ghosts

Headful of Ghosts

Plot Summary

Chrome reveals her dark side to Jack, while the Professionals hunt a killer of the oldest profession.


Gatac: The first Chrome-centric episode. We can definately see the first signs of Mark's descent, and I still really like the hooker conversations.

Punkey: Another one we scripted out in advance, and it really shows. We definatly learned something from Strange Attractors, and those lessons are applied here. Also the first time we do the back-and-forth chat RP sessions we use for most of the major conversations between the main characters.

Gatac: The back-and-forthing dialogue via ICQ has its problems, but it reads much better than anything you come up with alone. The scripted stories - paradoxically - seem to take longer to write than the early "writing jam" stuff, but the quality difference is obvious. Quantum Leap, in the non-physical, non-Scott Bakula way.

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