Garrett Davis

Agent Garrett Davis, CIA
The Smiling Beast

Being a scrawny white kid in the middle of Los Angeles gangland is never easy, especially after being born a year before the Watts Riots. He grew up learning how to play people against each other, how to tell what their weaknesses are and how to exploit them to make them do what he wanted them to do, which first amounted to playing rival gang members against each other so he could stay safe, but he eventually positioned himself as the kingpin of his neighborhood. After his senior year of high school, a deal he was brokering between two gangs went south and he caught the heat. The next day he joined the Army and after his psych exam and aptitude test showed several important red flags, he was assigned to the 4th Psychological Operations Group and later farmed out to the CIA, spending a lot of time around the world in many locations that we’ve never officially been in, using tactics we don’t use to get answers to questions that we never asked. He has a reputation as a cold-blooded bastard of an interrogator who’s more than willing to tear out your toenails and stub out a cigarette in the wound if his attempts to psych you out don’t work, but he gets results.

At least, that was his rep before Hadiya Sahar's death. Losing the woman he loved to a betrayal from within, executing the man responsible, and then spending six months on mandatory leave left him broken and unsure of not only his place, but who he was. It was only his extensive experience in interrogation and his unparalleled ability to flip unfamiliar and hostile captives to not only talk, but change sides entirely that lead him to Mesas Negras after the first contact incident. His work on the other side of the gateways has opened his eyes to a thousand new worlds, a galaxy that seems at once so new and exciting, a place for him to leave the painful memories of his past behind, and also a galaxy that needs someone to fight for it, to help the Imperium throw off the chains of their despotic rulers. Meeting, falling for, and now marrying Ngawai Lea Holoni, as well as the events of Operation CHECKMATE, have finally answered the questions that Hadiya's death had asked: He no longer thinks of himself as a citizen of Earth, fighting only to save his one planet from annihilation, but a citizen of the galaxy, born of Narsai, fighting a revolution to save not just his home world, every planet, citizen and sentient species from tyranny.

  • Might d8 (8XP)
  • Move d8 (8xp)
  • Sneak
  • Fight d8 (8xp)
  • Shoot d8
  • Drive d6
  • Think d10 (10XP)
    • Psychology
  • Talk d10
    • Persuade
  • Tech d8 (8xp)
  • Wits d10 (8xp)
  • Something out of Nothing
  • Will d10
    • Intimidate


Making Friends d6 - Afghanistan, the Imperium, there's really no difference: a new friend is always better than a dead enemy. (10XP)

Mind Games d10 - Davis knows he won’t always win a fair fight, so he does everything he can to make sure that he knows he’s going to win before he even starts.

3/6 Wild Dice (2XP)

6/8 Wounds
14/18 Shock

62 XP to date