Gamariel (aka Richard Constantine)

Gamariel is the other angel stranded in New York City. Unlike Azuriel, Gamariel is a conscientious objector in the war between angels and demons, and thus he was more or less quietly dropped. As it was his customary reaction to such events, he shrugged, left the temporary setback behind and moved on. Blessed with a view of the big picture, he was able to quietly amass large amounts of money and other artifacts throughout the centuries. Until recently, he was satisfied with the small life he had carved out in the mortal world, but the appearance of a possessed Frank Napoliano spurred him into action. Subsequently, he used his money to form a group of Metahumans and other heroes around himself to combat the numerous supernatural threats to Liberty City. Today, Gamariel acts as an underground secret service. Unrestrained by laws or external support, the "heroes" on his payroll get the job done.

Gamariel's organisation and JS Consulting are in a sort of friendly competition, but more often, they end up working together; although Gamariel has a lot of firepower at his fingertips, he's lacking the sort of investigative edge Jack's group has. The strength of Gamariel's team lies in the fact that only a select few people know that they're working for him; extreme subdivision and limited contact between groups are the credo. Still, Gamariel makes it a priority to know everyone who's working for him - even if that doesn't go in reverse.


Among the powers typically possessed by angels, Gamariel has always been a smooth talker. This extends to the ability to hypnotize and plant suggestions in normal minds. He is a skilled fencer with literally centuries of experience, and isn't a bad shot with a firearm. His primary weapons, however, are his networks of contacts and considerable resources, both mundane and magical.