Plot Summary

The team investigates a strange murder on a Navy supercarrier while Mark does what he does best: fuck things up.


Gatac: DEAR GOD did this one take long. Writing really punishes every lack of planning. That's not to say we did this one freestyle, but we had to expend a lot of brainpower halfway in and it was a bit touch and go there. Add the "Karen figures things out" subplot and we were in a world of shit. I think we managed a good save, but I SO don't want to write this one again.

Punkey: Actually, this one got a lot easier to actually write later on, as we found this great little program called MoonEdit. It lets us both write and edit a text file at the same time, and makes writing these things a breeze. I expect future ones to go considerably faster.

Gatac: That's certainly true. When we actually got to writing something, it was probably the quickest I've ever seen. The time in between, though...