Delta Team

Delta Force NPCs

SFC Charles Taylor

Tells stories about the sick jokes his parents would play on him and his four siblings, the least of which was naming him Chuck. Built like a brick wall, Sergeant First Class Chuck Taylor is Captain Verrill's second in command. (Idris Elba)

SGT Junior Dietrich

"Junior, light 'em up!" This wiry South Carolina native (others might have substituted "redneck" for native) relishes in the "cowboy" stereotype attributed to Delta Force operators. He's the grenadier for the second fireteam. (Kevin Dillon)

SPC Irving Mellish

The "Hebrew Hammer"'s a buttoned-up focused hardcore operator. You have to be cool under fire when you're job is basically drawing enemy fire. Automatic rifleman for the second fireteam. (Ben Foster)

SPC Benjamin Greene

Specialist Greene's a soft-spoken, heavy-hitting operator from Baltimore. He joined the army to get out of the "game" and ended up running Delta ops on alien worlds. He's the grenadier for the first fireteam. (Larry Gilliard, Jr.)