Dante Vecci

Dante Vecci


Paranormal investigator. Fringe archaeologist. Dilettante. Wizard. Dante Vecci is many things, including a licensed museum curator and one of six surviving members of the dying Order of Merlin. The charming and cultured Italian mage is a bridge between the ancient and the modern, the arcane and the mundane. In contrast to many of his companions, Dante is relatively stable psychologically and has few overpowering personal problems, which isn't to say that his life is easy. His work as a globe-trotting academic of lost secrets has put him at odds with many powerful and supernatural enemies, including the cult of the dread Cthulhu.

Dante's usual attire is a many-pocketed black trenchcoat and a same-colored fedora over the latest compatible men's fashions. His favored mode of transportation, a midnight blue Vespa scotter, is potentially ridiculous, but he manages to barely pull it off with dignity and style. His trademark weapons are his wizard's staff, a Beretta 9000S with a custom grip, and a Desert Eagle. He usually enchants his firearms' ammunition with various arcane effects.


Dante was born into a privaleged family of art art collectors and museum curators in Rome. His younger years were spent racing about the city with friends, chasing women, and academics. He went abroad for higher education, eventually ending up in Berlin to study medieval cultures.

The story that his eyes tell defines his attitude. Dante's a curious character, and a confident one. He's always willing to ask that extra question, open the other door, or try a different solution. While this consistently gets him into dangerous situations, his luck and talent has held him through most of the time.

It was in Berlin that one of his professors inducted him into the arcane world. Dante took to magic like a duck to water. His professor, an older gentleman by the name of Niedhif, became his mentor, and the two were soon traveling the world in search of new things to discover.

Niedhif eventually developed colon cancer, and for all of their magic, he was powerless against it. After his death, Dante resumed their wandering--alone, but armed with his mentor's staff.

Dante's existence isn't publicized, but he is known of by most of the major governments. His family doesn't know of his occult life, and since his field of interest involves him discovering and sending home all sorts of interesting art and artifacts, they keep him well-funded without any questions. Dante's also been known to take on assignments from government or corporate agencies, mostly involving paranormal investigation. While he's seen a lot, Dante's still hungry for more.

Dante currently resides in Liberty City (New York City in the Professionals stories), where he conducts research with the help of his friend, Richard Constantine (the angel Gamariel). Following the adventures in chapters 4-6 of Heroes?, Dante has taken a relative vacation from the more dangerous aspects of his occupation, even turning down a number of high-profile and high-paying delves and exorcisms, but as his stock of documents and artifacts to research diminishes, he is considering returning to the field.

While he once entertained some romantic interest in Chrome, he has deferred the right of courtship to their friend Jack Schaefer. If he still holds a flame for the lady vampire, he keeps it well-hidden. He's lately formed a friendship with Mark Simmons, which has led to some interesting experiences (see Baker).



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