Cassandra "Chrome" Raecher


The last of the original four hero characters to appear in The Paladin, Chrome is actually the secondary personality of a woman only known as Avenger. Due to multiple overlapping supernatural events, both personalities have a distinct (though similar) body shape and set of abilities. As Chrome, she is generally well-meaning and friendly, with an innocent streak that marks her as, essentially, the personification of cute. However, Chrome is also capable of holding her own in a confrontation, and her unconventional angles of approach to problems sometimes produce suprising solutions. Avenger, on the other hand, could not be more different; she is egoistic, sarcastic and prone to aggression. The fact that she is also a vampire does not help. She has no problems with killing, boredom or simple disagreement with other people being sufficient motivation for her; she only respects strength, and will eliminate weakness wherever she sees it. Her behaviour has been compared to that of a particularly vicious and sadistic cat. Needless to say, Chrome does everything she can to keep Avenger under control.

The war between the two halves of herself is a major theme in storylines dealing with Chrome.