Plot Summary

While the team looks into a Californian case of spontanious human combustion, Mark and Dante Vecci step right into it.


Gatac: Our first experiment with a definitive A-B structure, and a success at it. Mark and Dante Vecci work very well together, and the California storyline also includes several choice nuggets. Compared with Strange Attractors, the weird stuff in this one ties together much better. The Love Towers firefight remains one of my favourites.

Punkey: My God, I was afraid during this one. The memory of Strange Attractors was still fresh in my mind, and after I started writing it, I realized as soon as I got past the initial crime scene that I had no idea where this thing was really going or how it was going to end. So in a moment of weakness, I stole material from The X-Files. I'm sorry.

Gatac: Yes, but it's much less noticeable here than in Strange Attractors. It's hard to have something paranormal that wasn't at least strafed by X-Files, Outer Limits or Twilight Zone, and then you get into the realm of comics and videogames, which makes you realize it's all a huge reference clusterfuck. So, I don't blame you. We've all done it.

Punkey: Yeah, but I could at least try to be somewhat stealthy about it.

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