Azuriel (alias Raphael Marcos)

Mark Dacascos as

Az is, without doubt, one of the few angels really adapted to dealing with mortals. His vaguely sarcastic tone combined with his overall sense of humor and serenity makes him the default eye of the hurrican. He is an accomplished polyglot, easily picking up new languages whereever he encounters them. However, his most apparent skill is his devotion to Martial Arts; he practices an variant of Capoeira, taking advantage of his superhuman agility and speed. He is also a noteable supporter of Mark Simmons, doing his best to keep the Paladin somewhat grounded and sane. Although he has the occasional bicker with Sharon, he gets along with the rest of the team - and most anyone, really - quite well. While he may not appear to be a very significant member of the team, his quiet strength often drives them on.

Azuriel's most visually distinctive quirk is his appreciation for hawaii shirts, which he continues to wear despite bad weather and repeated denouncement of his fashion sense.



Azuriel was created well over two thousand years ago as a Grigori, tasked with protecting mankind. With the rise of Christianity, it was found that people were beginning to dedicate themselves to the service of God; Azuriel soon began to oversee the creation of the first Paladin. It became his duty to guide these warriors, and he often fought by their side. But being a Grigori meant that Azuriel genuinely cared about the humans, rather than seeing them as tools in the Eternal War. At first, he simply thought that it was a matter of training, that he could bring up the next one to such power that he'd prevail. But as time passed, he realized that in the grand scheme of things, the Paladin was merely meant as a disposable tool, easily replaceable within a comparatively short timespan.

By the time Azuriel met Mark Simmons, he was quite disillusioned.

The Paladin

Az recruited Mark, not yet aware of his special status. At first disdainful of Mark's attitude towards the job, he came to value his drive and no-nonsense approach to saving the world. Against all odds, the job actually saw him team up - and become friends - with Sharon and regain his spirit of adventure. Steadily backing up the team, he eventually ventured out to Tibet in search of a Seal of the Apocalypse - never to return.

Paladin II/Heroes?

Mark first sought out Az after the changeover, recruiting him for his next dash. Az quickly caught up on most of the important events from Mark's retelling, and their friendship was essentially reforged after just a couple of days in Lissabon. Az went on to support Mark throughout his adventures, often ending up as the liason to the other Heroes?.


Taking up the identity of Raphael Marcos, Az joined his teammates in working for the NYPD Special Crimes Unit. Known for his excentricity and infallible eyes, Az has integrated well and become a relatively popular Detective. However, he viewed Mark's inability to adjust to a more covert operational style with growing concern, and finally had to flat-out oppose him to resolve the situation. Knowing that this meant that he was acting against his nature, he began to seriously consider the possibility that he might be beginning to fall. Gamariel alleviated his fears somewhat, but Azuriel still doesn't know what's going on with him and where this road will lead.

Powers and Skills

As angel, Azuriel can reshape reality to a limited degree, which allows him to easily overpower most opponents in physical confrontations. In all respects, his body operates at the peak of human capability. His long live has enabled him to acquire and master several styles of martial arts, which he combines into a terrifyingly effective combat style. He is also adept at using many exotic weapons, though it doesn't come up often. Using his spectral sight, Azuriel can actually perceive the ripples in the fabric of reality that are created by using supernatural powers, and he frequently uses it to track metahuman and magic activity.

Intellectually, Azuriel is incredibly adept at linguistic activity. One of his hobbies is finding ways to curse effectively in dead languages. Interestingly, it also makes him extremely good at several more mathematical endavours, such as programming and cryptography. Az is also a cinema buff for basically anything that came out of Asia, showing little interest in Hollywood blockbusters while ringing up action movies from South Korea without a second thought.

As a servant of Lucifer, Az wields the power of holy light to a lesser degree than Mark, enabling him to use its healing effect. Az unlocked his full power in Flashed, easily throwing an enraged Sharon against the next wall and knocking her out cold. Even in the limited time since then, Az has demonstrated superior strength and speed (beyond his normal 'human' peak level), as well as a "phasing" ability that may be related to a heightening of his reality-altering powers.


Az is easy to pin down as the silent center of every place he enters. Although he can dish out the sarcasm with the rest of them, most people who talk to him for a bit longer quickly find that he has a reservoir of calm and serenity most people never find. The recent discovery of the changes within him have upset him somewhat; as angel, Azuriel is not accustommed to the full range of human free will, seeing his calling as a natural limit on what he can do or even contemplate. It helps him filter out the vagaries of life and come up with a clear opinion on a case that would confuse people with a less rigid sense of ethics; however, it also limits his options and makes him somewhat predictable, a fact that Karen Ayers might have unconsciously exploited in a sparring fight against him.