Angel Riviera

Specialist Angel Kesh, US Army/Faxom-Io Industrium Tycoon
The Killing Wind

Angel Riviera grew up in an army family. Three generations of men from this middle-class family had served the army, in peace and in war. After graduating from high school, with no clear ambitions towards college, he too signed up, bowing to the inevitable. While his rank has remained relatively modest, and he's shown no interest in command of any sort, Angel's talent as a marksman and scout served him well in the 82nd Airborne and - several brutal and ugly urban engagements later - Delta.

Eventually, orders came to transfer to New Mexico, although he's not sure why.

  • Might d6
  • Move d8
    • Stealth
  • Fight d8
  • Shoot d12
    • Rifle
  • Drive d6
  • Think d8 (8 XP)
  • Talk d8 (8XP)
    • Sincerity (6XP)
  • Tech d6 (6XP)
  • Wits d10 (10XP)
    • Scouting
  • Will d8


Steady Shot d10 - Angel is more than a fair shot with a rifle, and his unusually calm demeanor makes him one of the better squad marksmen in Delta who isn't actively a sniper. (10XP)

Ghost d10 - Being unseen is what Angel does, and he does it very well. There is just something about him that seems to draw him into the shadows and dark corners of wherever he happens to be. (10XP)

The Darkness d8 - Angel has gone up against the Imperium's best. Most of them ended up dead. Those that didn't as often as not never saw a thing. Stories have begun to spread - some true, some false, all terrifying. (4XP) (6XP) (1 raise)

Tycoon d6 - Angel Kesh has proven to be a very quick study in the ways of interplanetary business, and can well and truly hold his own just as well in a boardroom as he does on a battlefield. (RP-earned) (1 Raise)

7/7 Wild Dice

6/6 Wounds
14/14 Shock
68/70 XP and 2 flat raises used