Plot Summary

A child abuse case only gets worse the deeper the Professionals dig - and Mark hits rock bottom.


Gatac: The shot that changed everything. Frankly, I was a bit worried that we'd abuse (heh) the topic matter, but I think we held back enough. Not exactly an episode that makes you feel good, though.

Punkey: I had this one in my head from early on, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to do something a bit more serious, really distance ourselves from the kinda big, global-level stuff that Heroes? was and do something that's much more dark and on an individual level. Also, the introduction of the two SVU detectives/celestial agents was fun, and they were an interesting pair to play off the team, especially Az.

Gatac: I'm hoping to use them again, because I dislike celestial character inflation. Expect them when you least expect it.