Mercs Inc.


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Sin City: The Setup

[*]Present Day*

The camera pans down and over a lit-up Las Vegas Boulevard, heading north into what was once the heart of the gambler's paradise. Turning down a side street off of Fremont, the decaying neon sign of Canard envoyé à la Boucherie (The Butchered Duck) hums with the low din of electricity and days gone by. Walking into the establishment, you're immediately greeted by Fluvio, the house's Matre'D who checks to see if you've got "a reservation." If you do, you might find yourself in a richly upholsered booth, swimming in red leather and white linens. If you don't, Rocco the doorman will have you outside floundering on the pavement quicker than you can say "aggrevated assault".

The Duck's clientele is a mixed bag of low-level mafia goons, wiseguys, paid informants, and government officials on the take. Such customers require a certain level of cuisine which the restaurant's executive chef/owner, Bobby "Bony" Tourdain is more than happy to dish out. Bobby's old-school and been around the block more times than the hookers outside the city limits. He makes it a point to know "a little about everyone and everything", saying it's good for business as well as his own personal health. And when he's not cooking up a storm, he's giving the order for a hole to be dug in the desert.

Throughout his now 15-year tenure in Sin City, Bobby's learned not to use the local muscle for special jobs. Their rap-sheets are too long and every detective in Clark County's got their name/address/phone number in their palm pilots. Bobby's extensive travels in his former days as a chef-for-hire had landed him in some interesting joints where he met some equally interesting people.



Hired Help

The Hookup

The Man